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Altocraft Cordless Drill 18 Volt

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I do not bay this drill and next battery again.


replace second time battery ,still weak ,stop drilling after 3 hols !

Barrington ,IL


altocraft dangerous


This drill battery exploded while we were using it. We thought it WA a great deal because it was cheap but not safe at all. It must have gotten a dead cell in it. Performance This drill work for a few months but not for more than 30 min. Design It its a heavy drill but inexpensive. Battery Charge Battery died fast before it blew up.



Convenience a drill should produce.


This product makes drilling convenient without cords to get tangled up or in the way. The soft grip handle makes it so it doesn't slip out of your hand while working on a project. The 18 volt battery makes the drill last 3 to 5 hours depending on the project with an easy to use battery charger which should be charged at room temperature higher than 32 degrees fahrenheit and lower than 122 degrees fahrenheit. The drill is equipped with 20 clutch settings plus drill setting and is reversible with electric brake. The drill comes with two double ended screwdriver bits that are stored in the clips on the drill handle each with one fourth slot and number 2 Phillips tips and has a three eighths keyless chuck.  The drill has a no load speed of 0 to 600 RPMs. Don't force the drill, it will do the job better and more safely at the rate for which it was intended. This product is easy to use by almost anyone, but, keep away from children.

Forest Lake, MN


Altocraft Cordless Drill 18 Volt

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