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Almay Intense I-color Eyeshadow Greens

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Nice neutral color palate to make greens eye pop!


This might sound a little dumb, but I honestly don't know whether I have hazel or green eyes! I've always been told I have hazel eyes and that's what my driver's license says, but they look green to me... Anyways, I have both of the Almay Intense I-color Eyeshadow trio's for hazel and for green, and I think I like this green palate better! The three colors it comes with are all really wearable neutral colors that you could use on their own, together, or in combination with other eyeshadows you own. I do like to wear all three of these colors together. The top color is a gold-ish shimmery color, the middle color is a really pretty dark coppery brown, and the bottom color is my favorite! It's a gorgeous tan color.  I don't use the cheap applicator that eyeshadow kit's come with, but I have had fun playing with this palate with my own brushes. Using these colors all together really does make green eyes kind of pop and come to life, but I don't think you need to have green eyes to use these. It's just a really pretty trio of colors anyone could use to make a pretty neutral eye. I definitely recommend this product!

Minneapolis, MN


Almay eye shadow really brings out the green


I've bought two of the Almay bring out the green palettes, and they've both worked out really well. I have the palette that comes with a purple and two greens, and also the one that comes with three brown shades. At first, I was worried that the purple and green palette would be too flashy and that the colors might clash a little. But once I put it on and I blended the colors, it looked great and it really brought out the color. It's more understated than I thought it would be, so the finished look is nice and polished. The brown palette is amazing because the colors are so natural, it's perfect for everyday use. It brings out the color but it doesn't look too flashy to wear to work or to run errands during the day. It's my favorite of the two. I think the applicator is good because even after multiple uses it doesn't blend the colors, and it's easy to glide on the makeup. The eye shadow is easy to take off with makeup remover, but it won't smudge too much if I rub my eyes while I'm wearing it. Great eye shadow, I recommend it to anyone with green eyes!

Tallahassee, FL


really makes gren eyes "pop"


I tried the almay intense icolor eye shadow for green eyes the other day and got compliments on my eyes all day at work. Most people told me my eyes were really bright that day. I have really green eyes and these colors really made them "pop" and the instructions made applying  the eye shadow really simple. I have had professionally applied eye shadow and in my opinion this looked just as good. I also bought the mascara for green eyes ( the one I got was  chocolate bown color but they have green as well) and love it as well. I am now wearing this everyday and I love it. I would recommend this eye shadow to anyone interested in really bringing out the color of their eyes no matter what color they are. They have it for brown, green, hazel and blue. It is a great product, easy to apply and is reasonably priced as well.

Middlesboro, KY


Almay's trio for greens finally puts it all in one package.


Almay Brand Intense Eye Trio for greens definitely performs as it says it does. As someone who never wore anything but a neutral beige shadow due to lack of knowledge of what looked good with my coloring, the Trio for greens allowed me to finally wear color without guessing and wondering whether or not it looked strange.  Not only does the trio 'blend' with green eyes, it *literally* enhances the green color, making the green more noticable.  There is even a small diagram on the back of the package to show you exactly what to do with each color and where to put it.  The only downside to this eyeshadow trio is that there are equal parts of the lid shade, crease shade, and brow shade.  Therefore you will run out of lid and brow color long before you run out of the crease shade.

Lake Charles, LA


Almay Intense I-color Eyeshadow Greens

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