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Alba Botanica
Alba Botanica Natural ACNEdote Invisible Treatment Gel

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Great product


This product is great! I have tried a few different acne treatments and this is my favorite. Not only is it effective, but it's also cruelty free and that's important to me. It's very easy to find and not overly expensive.

Anchorage, AK


Alba's Acnedote Natural Treatment Gel works wonders!


I bought this acne product because I was tired of the stinky smell of the Desert Essence roller-ball that I was using. I love absolutely everything about this product and doubt I will ever use anything else again! **Alba Botanica Natural ACNEdote Invisible Treatment Gel** is amazing because it's made with all natural ingredients, isn't tested on animals, is paraben-free and actually works! It zaps zits with 2% salicylic acid. I love that this product goes on clear and dries clear, so I can apply it under make-up or over. The consistency of this product is a thin gel. I don't really notice a scent which is awesome since my last acne product really stank! I use this as a spot-treatment as needed and it has worked great for me. I simply apply a tiny bit of gel (a little goes a long way) and when it dries, I add the rest of my facial regimen. I try to apply it several times a day when I have a blemish because it works very fast when I do. The next day, my blemish is usually gone or greatly diminished. Also, I don't get those dry spots on my face like I used to when I used my other acne product. So far, this hasn't dried out my face at all! You seriously only need a tiny dot of this gel, so my tube is gonna last me a long time! I don't have anything negative to say about **Alba Botanica Natural ACNEdote Invisible Treatment Gel**. If you suffer from acne or get occasional blemishes, I would definitely try this product!

Camp Lejeune, NC


Alba Botanica Natural ACNEdote Invisible Treatment Gel

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