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Aim Kids Mega Bubble-Berry Toothpaste

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Mega Bubble-Berry was a disappointment


Deciding which brand of toothpaste to buy is not normally a big deal at our house. I look to see which brand is on sale and if I have a coupon. Then I look to see if I think that the kids will like and encourage them to brush. Most of the toothpaste seems to be mint flavored so I have had a challenge to find toothpaste that they will like. I was excited when a friend gave us a tube of Mega Bubble-Berry toothpaste. The name sounded yummy and I was hopeful that they would like this toothpaste and it would encourage brushing. The berry flavor was a big disappointment. It did not remind me of any berries that I had ever eaten. The biggest challenge turned out to be when I discovered that the "gel" form of the toothpaste had a tendency to leak out of the tube and now I had colored brushes and a berry colored stain on the counter. The stain did come off with some cleaner but this toothpaste was a big disappointment. Older children might not have these problems and this could be a good choice for them.

Peoria, AZ


It has a berry wild flavor!


Aim Kids Mega Bubble-Berry Toothpaste is designed to appeal to kids. And a kid has to like the taste of the toothpaste to enjoy brushing or not trying to fib their way through the daily routine. My grandson visits us often and his mom had packed an extra toothbrush and toothpaste (Thomas the Tank Engine) for him. However, this tube ran out and I needed a good replacement. I was drawn to the bright blue box of Aim's Kids Mega Bubble-Berry Toothpaste. My grandson liked this toothpaste fine but didn't seem overly excited about it. He didn't put off brushing his teeth and didn't complain. Being the curious type, I decided to give this toothpaste a try so I could review it objectively. Aim Kids Mega Bubble-Berry Toothpaste has a bubble gum scent to the blue gel formula. However, when you put it in your mouth it has a faint bubble gum flavor and very little berry flavor. It has a pretty wild foaming action that little ones may not care for. I also found the formula to be a little bit gritty. Overall, this formula passes. After all, it fights cavities, is a pretty blue color and makes brushing a little bit more fun!

Greenwell Springs, LA


Aim Kids Mega Bubble-Berry Toothpaste

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