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Ahava Mineral Botanic Hibiscus & Fig Velvet Cream Wash

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Fantastic body wash & bubble bath


I love the AHAVA Fig & Hibiscus body wash! It is a great body wash that goes a long way and is moisturizing; it will not dry out your skin. Like all AHAVA products, this is a quality product, so a little goes a long way so the bottle lasts quite awhile, and it does what it says it will do. The scent is subtle and attractive; it does not linger after the shower, which is a shame; however, then it also doesn't compete with any lotions or perfumes. It's also a good wash for both men and women, as it's not decidedly feminine or masculine. This wash does not dry out skin and feels so good to use; it actually leaves your skin feeling so soft. This body wash is also versatile because it works well as a bubble bath, creating a lot of bubbles, which is a definite bonus! Effectiveness Sudsy & long-lasting; a little goes a long way, so a bottle lasts quite awhile. Scent Subtle, not over-powering, good for both men and women.



If you like fruity, Ahave Hibiscus & Fig smells amazing!


**Ahava Mineral Botanic Hibiscus & Fig Velvet Cream Wash** is very accurately named. This body wash is fruity, silky and velvety. I love it! I also like that this product is not tested on animals and is paraben-free, but its vague description of "parfum" is slightly bothersome since a lot of generic words are covers for artificial scents that contain toxic chemicals. The ingredient list does, however, name fig fruit extract and hibiscus flower extract on the list, so that's nice. Effectiveness The texture of this body wash is indeed velvety. It's a liquid body wash, but it's very thick and silky feeling on the skin. It lathered wonderfully and left my skin feeling super soft in the shower. So soft, I wasn't sure I had rinsed it all off, when I had. It could be more moisturizing afterwards, but in the shower, this is phenomenal. Scent I've never eaten a fig before, so I wasn't sure what they smelled like, but the scent of this body wash is very familiar to me for some reason. I want to say it reminds me of kiwi or some other type of super sweet fruit that is not a citrus fruit. It smells delicious fresh and fruity. The scent is nice and strong in the shower, but it does not linger on my skin afterwards.

Camp Lejeune, NC


Ahava Mineral Botanic Hibiscus & Fig Velvet Cream Wash

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