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Advair HFA Inhalation Aerosol with Dose Counter

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Here's Advair in the traditional actuator WITH a dose counter.


  Let's get this out of the way.  **ADVAIR** is ***not*** a rescue inhaler and it will ***not** ***bring relief in an asthma emergency.  **** **ADVAIR**'s two drugs -- *fluticasone propionate *and* salmeterol* -- are generally inhaled twice daily at 12-hour intervals.  Instructions describe two inhalations each time with approximately 30 seconds in between inhalations.  The purpose of this medication is to treat *airway constriction* and *inflammation **preventatively***. Doctor's doseage instructions may vary depending on the severity of your asthma or other breathing disorder.  My asthma is moderate and well controlled.  One inhalation at bedtime generally works for me, BUT, in an intense allergy season, I'll sometimes need my rescue inhaler.  In this event, my doctor advises a morning inhalation of **ADVAIR **as well as the usual preventative bedtime dose.  ***She and I have worked this doseage routine out after ****YEARS**** of experience.*** I prefer the **ADVAIR HFA inhaler** to the **ADVAIR ***Diskus.  *This "traditional" inhaler or, more properly* *, "actuator" contains no powder and it's propellent gives it real oomph.  With practice, the **HFA**, is easy to use, comfortable to hold and convenient to carry.  My doctor always reminds me to rinse my mouth out after inhalations because "this is nasty stuff".  I love the fact that each puff is registered in a small window so you know how many puffs you have left.  I'll not go into details on priming or cleaning the inhaler since they're part of the instruction sheet everyone should read (and occasionally review). The *Diskus* inhaler may be used by people four and older.  **ADVAIR HFA** is ***recommended only for people 12 years and older***.  Any inhaler has a long list of potential side effects.  Oddly enough, a serious allergic reaction to this product is difficulty breathing, and the emergency room is one's only recourse.  ***Please read all product information carefully*** when you begin an **ADVAIR** regimen.

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Advair HFA Inhalation Aerosol with Dose Counter

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