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Acuvue Advance Plus with Hydraclear

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Horrible contacts


I switched to these contacts because my eye doctor recommended them to me. I basically threw my money away buying 2 boxes of them. All of the contacts in one of the boxes had a flaw of some sort in them most of which were these white specks that would affect your vision when wearing them. They drove me crazy it felt as if there was something in my eye. I finally ended up calling Acuvue after going through the whole box in a month and the lady I spoke with told me that they have had many complaints about the contacts. My question is this, you know that your contacts are defective so why not have some sort of recall so people can get there money back especially when it something that is being put in your eyes!!! I've lost a lot of respect for Acuvue after this.

Bloomer, WI


Advance Plus lenses are unbelievably comfortable


I recently visited my optometrist in order to get new glasses. I decided to also be checked for contacts because I like them for winter sports -- no foggy lenses. My optometrist gave me a sample set of Acuvue Advance Plus to try out. He said they are made of silicone and very comfortable, but I would notice that they are thicker and more slippery than anything I had used in the past. Because I was properly prepared, I had no problem adjusting to the different feel of these lenses. As it turned out, I had no difficulty whatsoever holding on to them, putting them in, or taking them out. As for comfort, they were, and are, wonderfully comfortable. I do not notice them at all. I'm still using the original sample set. Frankly, I don't wear contacts very often at all or for long periods. I did not have to get used to these. They felt like nothing when I put them in and have continued to feel that way with each wearing. As for vision correction, I have no complaints. My distance vision with these is excellent. I have need of bifocals, so my near vision is not good with the contacts, but I don't need near vision for winter sports. If I do need near vision, I slip on reading glasses and the problem is solved. I have since purchased more of these lenses.

Appleton, WI


Acuvue Advance Plus with Hydraclear

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