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Acnomel Adult Acnomel

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Acnomel works the best of the sulfur acne medications!


I have tried several sulfur-based acne medications and this one works best. For those who don't know, the basic 3 over the counter acne ointment medications are benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and sulfur. Sulfur is the least commonly used and is only the primary ingredient in a few niche products. Adult Acnomel is said to work best on adult acne, which I agree with since I am 41. It is not a miracle ointment by any means, but seems to help more than the salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide treatments which seem more geared toward teen skin. The only similar product I have found to Acnomel is Clearasil tinted sulfer ointment. Both use a combination of 8% sulfur and 2% resorcinol and both are tinted a light shade of tan. There are no choices in tint shade. Having said that, the acnomel is a bit darker and might match those with tans a bit better. Acnomel is also thicker (like toothpaste consistency, whereas I found the clearasil sulfur ointment to be more runny and harder to stay in place. With sulfur ointments, you basically want to apply a thick layer and the acnomel is better for that. It does kind of cake on when dry and using a face scrub or pad is necessary to remove it. Just washing your face with water will not remove the caked residue. Also, like any sulfur-based ointment, it smells pretty distinctly. Lots of people find it smells bad, and it likely will be the ointment you use only at bedtime since it is objectionable in public during the day, but that is not the fault of Acnomel; just inherent in sulfur itself. Just be prepared to have to wash your pillowcases and bedsheets often as the smell transfers to that really easily.

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Acnomel Adult Acnomel

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