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Acer Aspire 9410 Notebook PC

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Acer Aspire-I Got What I Paid For


My very first laptop pc was an Acer Aspire because I was impressed with the price.  It seemed to be loaded with great features and the price was almost too good to be true.  Well, saving a lot of money upfront really backfired for me in the long run because I use my cpu on a daily basis and it was just after one year old that the notebook shut down on me.  My computer meant to me what most men's cars mean to them.  Somehow the on/off switch completely broke and that was it.  Manufacturer warranties only last the first year unless you buy an extended warranty through the reseller.  Of course, I did not.  Suffice to say this was one heck of an awful experience for me.  When the time came when I could buy a new laptop I decided to spend the money and get the very best.  I went with the Dell Studio 15.  Acer is probably good for those who do not use their laptop as much as I do.  I definitely won't take that route again.

Fort Gratiot, MI


The Acer Aspire 9410 has equally negative and positive areas.


The Acer Aspire 9410 has equally negative and positive areas, for an instance, it's got some of the best features a loptop could ever have. It has Windows XP Media Center Edition, 1.3 Megapixel 225 degrees rotating webcam, bluetooth, built in Wireless LAN, and what you don't see on most laptops, this one has the numberpad on the keyboard. It also has a built in E-Recovery system that works no matter what is wrong with the computer. Unfortianatly, these wonderful features don't last very long. I have had my Acer Aspire 9410 for 5 years now and it has yet to replace my HP Pavilion ZE4500. The Acer has broken down. The screen first went black, the backlight has been shut off. It has been immobalized so its not a laptop anymore, basically its a desktop now. I have wires stcking out of it everywhere, and trust me, im not rough with equiptment. Every piece of software works but don't take that as it sounds, I have to reformat it using what I mentioned earlier, the E-Recovery unit ever few months. But, i know that this computer will be around forever, it's life expectancy hooked to the monitor is outstanding if i keep the cats off it.

Dade City, FL


Acer 9410 Worst Laptop ever


I bought 2 acer 9410's. One is OK the other stinks. Sent back to acer twice and they cl;aim nothing is wrong. When I turn laptop on I get a blank screen but here the sounds in the background. Called acer and they stated to take out battery and puch power button 5-10 times. Then replace battery. This sometiomes works others not. I have laptop for about a year and acers tech support stinks. I wanted a new laptop and they refused to replace it. Some guy named Timmy W stated he makes the calls and he said no. Took laptop to a computer repair store and they stated it was a hardware problem not software. Acer never even repaired the laptop. I would never buy an acer again. Even with 2 year extended warrenty they dont do anything to help you. STAY AWAY....   

Lindenhurst, NY


Acer customer service suprisingly good, decent desktop replaceme


Acer customer service is suprisingly good.  I bought this for my dear husband  who is   a technical illiterate.  I pruchased the additional accidental coversage which added two years full coverage warranty to the laptop.  This gave us the confidence to really use this laptop fully.  at Two years and nine months the laptop went into hibernation and then totally lost it.  It started loading WINDOWS XP, and this laptop had been a WINDOWS VISTA machine.  Acer was very helpful, but the insisted that we send it back to them rather than work it through with us over the phone.  We sent it back and they replaced the motherboard and the hard drive and sent us back a fresh machine.  Therein lies the problem... Acer loads therei machines with bloatware.  I can't face rebuilding the machine from scratch again, and they dont want to send me a clean version of Vista. Other than the bloatware the machine is very solid after almost 3 years of heavy daily usage.  The trackpad/mouse doesn't wrok well anymore but we always used a wireless mouse anyway.  Also, some of the USB ports are no longer well seated and don't always 'connect'.  Other than that this is a beautiful screen laptop which works very well as a adesktop replacement.   IT is VERRRY Heavy. Battery power is very short lived. This is not a travel laptop, but a desktop replacement.

Brooklyn, NY


most undepenable laptop i ever owned


have had repeated charger problems, harddrive replaced twice in one year,  the charge system went down on me, called and told tech support what had happend stated i could not do back up , my last one was a month before, they said they could do this for me, got laptop back, with new harddrive, they did not do a back up for me, i had lost, pics of new goddauther, birth,  my fathers last christmas with the family, a major lease, my new corel program i just downloaded. plus many other items. this is just one large lemon. 

Cocoa, FL


Acer Aspire 9410 Notebook PC

2.6 5