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Acer Aspire 5336-2752 15.6-Inch Notebook (Black)

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Acer Aspire: A Gift That Keeps Giving


I recieved the Acer Aspire 5336-2752 laptop as a gift, so I don't know the price, but I do know that it's very reliable and very awesome. The look is stylish, especially in black! It's not big and it's not too small. It has 2 GB memory and a 250 GB HDD which is great for games. (I personally play Team Fortress 2 on mine with little problem.) It's easy to set up and use, so if you're computer challenged you won't have much of a hassle trying to use it. It's great for personal use or business use, and the graphics are really sleek and modern. The keys are spread a little apart so it's easy to clean underneath them.  The screen is bright enough so you can see everything. I don't have much to complain about except I'm running out of space a little quicker than I expected, but I can deal with that.  Oh, and battery life isn't too much to celebrate about, so keep an eye on that battery icon, travelers!

Cleveland, TN


Acer Aspire 5336-2752 15.6-Inch Notebook (Black)

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