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Acer AS773Z-4015 (LXPJB02136) PC Notebook

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Very passable laptop for the price


I have owned this laptop for about 3 years now and have been very happy with it. It has held its own against more current and more expensive laptops. The keyboard is my favorite feature; it has a full-size keyboard with very responsive keys. It only needs a light touch, and I am able to type very quickly with few errors. The large screen size is also a big plus. I do a lot of photo editing and the extra space compared to smaller laptops is a tremendous help. The trade off is that it is heavier than most laptops, but it is worth it for me. I'm still able to lug it around with no problems. The processor has handled anything I've thrown at it except for heavy-duty gaming, which I don't do much of anyway. It could use a little more RAM, but that's a cheap and easy upgrade if you need it. The HDMI port makes viewing movies on my TV very easy. Overall, I continue to be very happy with this laptop and will definitely buy another Aspire when the time comes to upgrade!

West Sacramento, CA


Acer AS773Z-4015 (LXPJB02136) PC Notebook

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