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P236H BD
Acer 23" LCD Monitor

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Acer monitor good with big disappointment


The Acer P236H 23" LCD monitor is a full HD monitor, which means that everything that you look at is in HD - which I really like. The picture quality is great. Another great feature is that it is an Energy Star product. It has 80000 to 1 and the response time is 5 ms which is good. It was simple to put together, (the monitor stand didn't need screws or anything) and it was very simple to hook it up to my computer. I would have given it more than three stars if it hadn't been for the fatal flaw of not having an Audio-Input!! It doesn't say this anywhere on the box nor did the store employee mention it when I was deciding which monitor to buy. Unfortunately I assumed wrongly that all monitors have either built in speakers or a way to connect your speakers to it!! It wasn't until I opened the package, took everything out, and started reading and looking at everything that I read the words "only Audio-Input Model (Optional)." And wouldn't you know, mine was not one of the ones that had the input. Why would anyone want a monitor without sound? So, I am very happy with the screen, but if you want to have sound (like I do) I suggest making very sure that it is one of the models that has the audio input, or, that you have speakers that do not need to be connected to the monitor.

Greensboro, NC


Acer P236H 23" LCD Monitor - stylish!


Acer P236H 23" LCD Monitor - stylish! It's cool - it looks good - and apparently it uses not so much electricity. Bright and cheerful and really quite large screen compared to what I had before which was a much smaller display and one of those old ones that backed into the wall! - whereas this is flatter sleek and cool - more attuned to today's living. Well done Acer for producing this monitor. you have me hooked and i ahve reommended Acer monitors to my friends aome of them have bought too and are very happy. it's always a bit hit and miss when you recommned something because someone else may have a bad experience and blame you which doesn't do the relationship any good but in this case acer has not let me down at all I ma very pleased to be able to tell you all this. i am sure that Acer keeps bringing out new products and I would feel happy trying another Acer monitor - not necessarily this model.

Arlington, VA


Acer 23" LCD Monitor

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