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Abercrombie and Fitch Woods After Shave 3.4 Fl 100ml In

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are you crazy


         ok so are you one of those people who love abercrombie and fitch just because everyones wearing it.... well guess what.... there not!  the kids are and they grow out of it fast it may look good now but how stupid would a 30-40 year old look with abercrombie stuff on at a pta meeting its retarded!  so i think that this smells gross and if your only doing it to fit in then your stupid buy good stuff at department stores thats what real people are wearing well i hope you take my advise and dont go out and waste your money i something because everyone is doing it because thats the wrong way to choose things happy shopping and good luck on all your fragrance choices!                                                                       Your Charm                                                                               Andyslovie!

Trumansburg, NY


this stuff makes me...


i love love love the way this stuff smells . my boyfriend has some and i love it! it drives me wild! if ever a fragrance to invest in it would be this product . kudos to abercrombie. this tuff mqkes me just want to eat him up when ever he wears it on his body. abercrombie could lower the cost of this product however, so that it would be easier for the poorer people could buy the real stuff instead of the cheap knock-off versions. i love to buy. i l;ove to shop but i don't get to go as much as i would like to though.

El Dorado, AR


Abercrombie and Fitch Woods After Shave 3.4 Fl 100ml In

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