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ASUS Wireless Eee Keyboard and Mouse Set - Black

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Good keyboard if you find a good price


This isn't a bad keyboard, but isn't a great keyboard either, rather it's a solid choice if you can get it at a decent price. When it comes to a keyboard like this, you will care about a few things. In terms of quality, there is a solid standard offering. Keys won't just snap off in your hand. The plastic is of solid quality, it doesn't feel like the cheap shiny stuff from a knock off phone. All keyboards have an "action" which is how it feels when a key is pressed and bounces back. This one falls squarely in the middle for a general productivity keyboard when it comes to key action, you won't hate it or feel like it is fighting you, but you won't run out to tell your friends about it either. Battery life seems about average for a keyboard in this category. While reasonable, you'll still want to invest in some rechargable batteries for the long haul. All in all, if you can get this keyboard for a decent price, it is a decent buy.



Asus has the absolute worst customer service ever.


I bought this about a year ago and had problems with this from day one. After finally getting getting it to connect to my HP the signal was weak and interupted. Numerous emails back and forth to Asus proved to be frustrating. The USB Dongle is too big, after a few weeks it cracked. So, along with the spacebar issue and the sporadic dead spots where nothing registers I had to move the dongle around until it worked again. I have been staying away from Asus ever since.



Asus Keyboard and Mouse Eee could use some help but great


I bought the Asus Eee Keyboard and Mouse to replace another wireless keyboard set that wasn't able to handle the wear of children.  So far this one has done well.  My kids dump milk on them and repeatedly taste the mouse and they still work. Pros:  They work well for distance over 10 feet as long as there is not too much interference. (ie I have a receiver, cd player, DVD player, plasma tv, and computer all residing in the same little space so I had to move the keyboard/mouse receiver into the line of sight) Pro: Is holding up really well with 3 small children that think it is their toy.  The keyboard has been an imaginary skateboard and didn't break. Cons: There are no drivers.  There are occasional gliches with it not working. There will be pauses where it doesn't recognize keystrokes.  It seems like an application is running but there isn't.  I am using Windows 7.  It didn't have the problems with XP. Con:  Doesn't come with a USB extension in case you have to move the receiver to line of sight.   Update 1/17/11:  I moved the receiver above everything else around it by about 3 inches.  It now works great with no gliches or pauses.  So the biggest con is really having to get an extension so the receiver is in line of sight with nothing around it..  

Hollis, NH


ASUS Wireless Eee Keyboard and Mouse Set - Black

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