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19.7 cu. ft. Kenmore 13009 Chest Freezer

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Freezer nightmare


You have to install a 9 volt battery into the freezer, suppose to be for alarm to go off if power goes off, which duh if you are in the dark you know power if off. Without battery freezer doesn't work right, but to put battery in it is on the side so you have to have room for your body to get in there, which means it can't be near a corner. The alarm keeps going off and you have to reset. I want the old type of freezers back where you just put the stuff in and it worked. For cooling it does all right there. Lots of baskets and dividers in it so they take up room. Temperature Control All digital which is all right if no kids around to change the setting. Real easy for child to change would be better if there was some way to have it somewhere else if you now have to have all the up to date junk. The old freezers worked just find without all of this "new" junk to go bad. Capacity Lots of room in it, you can store lots of items. Also plenty of baskets to have items close to top. There are lots of dividers in the bottom of the freezer so you can put chicken, pork, beef, fruits, etc. each in its own little place. Ease of Cleaning If you are not tall it could be a problem as it is deep. Durability I am hoping very good but as have just bought can't tell you. Design Very nice looking

Mexico, MO


19.7 cu. ft. Kenmore 13009 Chest Freezer

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